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11-08-2008, 10:47 PM
What does the truck do when the rail pressure sensor goes out. I installed my stage three cp3 and the truck ran better than ever. Rail pressure was way up, idled smoother, and there was a lot more power. I took the truck down and washed the engine and it still ran great all the way home(about 5 miles.) An hour later I went out to dinner and about 3 miles from the house the truck started fuel knocking and died. I restarted it and it was still fuel knocking and would hardly idle and the cel was on. I checked the codes and found p0192, p0251, and p0524. 192 is rail pressure sensor voltage to low. 251 was a code for the fca. 524 my smarty said unknown code. cleared the codes and checked the connections. found water in the rail pressure sensor so I blew it and the plug out untill they were dry and no change and the 192 code came back. bypassed the rail pressure gauge and my pressure box and pluged the original harness into the rail pressure sensor and still runs the same and the p0192 came back again. Any help would be great and sorry so long. Thanks, Joe:bang

11-09-2008, 06:39 AM
Unplug the sensor for 3/4 hrs and it may dry out, You should not take and use High Pressure air... If this does not work we have used sensor that are good for about 1/2 the cost of new..

11-09-2008, 07:58 AM
the pressure relief valve can cause the way it's running too. Unless you've seen some really high psi though... it should be ok. You can test it by removing the banjo bolt and starting the truck. If fuel comes out of the valve... it's bad.

11-09-2008, 09:09 AM
Thanks for the info on the sensor. I have my pressure relief capped but thanks for the thought. Thanks for the input, Joe

01-13-2009, 06:55 AM
what ever came about? I am having the same problem.

01-13-2009, 10:19 AM
My rail pressure sensor was bad. I replaced it and all is good. Thanks for all the help to all.


01-13-2009, 04:39 PM
Easiest way to tell if its the sensor, is if you have a rail guage that hooks in with a pigtail to the rail sensor, your gauge will do funky stuff. When mine went out my gauge would read 20,000psi with the truck shut off, and was all over the place with it running.

01-13-2009, 05:41 PM
My RPG went to 0 and would not change. I thought it was a gauge problem at first.


01-14-2009, 05:37 AM
Perfect thanks

01-14-2009, 11:51 AM
If you guys need a sensor i can get one for ya.

01-14-2009, 03:51 PM
How much are new sensors? I have a used one to sell but don't know what to ask for it?

01-14-2009, 04:14 PM
New ones from dodge are around $400. I can sell you guys one for around $200

01-14-2009, 05:19 PM
$200.00 wow that is a deal.:rockwoot:

01-14-2009, 05:47 PM
New ones from dodge are around $400. I can sell you guys one for around $200


01-14-2009, 06:25 PM
This place here list the RP sensor for $194,but they also show a complete rail,RP sensor and relief valve for $314.That seems like a hell of a deal if its true.

01-14-2009, 08:09 PM
Buy em straight from cummins...

06-13-2009, 08:50 PM
Im having th same issues Joe and i just ordered my sensor yesterday hopefully its that so i can finally give you a ring and tune my truck.