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01-06-2009, 09:39 PM
This is a heads up about a company I saw advertising on some other diesel sites . They are calling their company Tulsa Injectors but it is really Thompson Diesel . These guys are the biggest bunch of unprofessional clowns that there is . I bought a brand new factory Garrett turbo for my 7.3 from them and the case was leaking after I installed it . I couldnt see where the leak was coming from but it was around the case . So I pulled it back off and took it down there . They looked at it and discovered a bolt missing from the case . they told me they could put another bolt in it and I could put it back on and try it . I said no way these things are real mf to RR. I asked for another new one so I could be sure it was good unit . The new one worked fine . Three months later I lost the motor . The rings went bad and sent some small pieces through the turbo and chipped the compressor wheel (not bad but chipped) So I take it back down there to get their professional opinion . Now keep in mind that I know a turbo turns like 78 million RPM and they are pretty precise component . The turbo was brand new with about 3K miles on it . The impellars were not striking the case anywhere . There was no slack or slop in the shaft . This kid behind the counter (looked to be about 17 or 18) looks at it and starts to tell me that the whole turbo is smoked and needs a complete overhaul . So I tell him I dont think that is . I think if you guys change the compressor wheels it will be allright and I will run it . So I tell him to give me a quote to replace the wheels . So he keeps on with this used car salesman like attitude trying to get me to do a complete build on it . I said just quote me a new compressor wheel . He says the two impellars and the shaft is one piece and they cannot be seperated . Now he is playing me like a complete dumbass . So I reply if that is true then how do you remove them from the case ? He says IDK . So I get pissed and throttle up on him and tell him to have his boss call me . His boss calls and I bring it in and he looks at it and tells me $595.00 to replace the wheels and no warranty . So I remind him about the problems I had with the first one (having to install it twice ) . I asked can you guys help me out because of the problems I went through ( Ford gets $495.00 to R&R a turbo on an obs truck . He says let me send it to my shop and have them look at it and tell you if there is a deal we can give you . Sooooo 18 months later and about 175 phone calls later I finally go get my core from them and of course its not the one I gave them . This one was completely shot . Come to find out every truck driver in town said no dont ever take anything to those guys .

01-06-2009, 10:16 PM