View Full Version : Manual swap anyone?

12-11-2006, 11:24 PM
Has anyone done a manual swap on an OBS truck around here? I got my hands on a ZF 5 speed truck sans motor and I just want to know what kinda complications I might run into...

btw I thought long and hard and yes, I do want a handshaker even though I know a built auto will probably outperform it 90% of the time. I was driving my six speed jeep the other day and I thought "boy this would be fun with about 1000 ft-lbs" so my mind is made up, after all thats what its all about anyway, having fun.

any info would be greatly appreciated:thankyou2:

01-24-2007, 10:31 PM
Did you get the whole truck...Well, I probably shouldnt even open my mouth because Idk what your going to have to change as in engine wiring/ECM's etc. I know that if you have a donor truck it would be a whole lot simpler. The holes for the clutch master cylinder are already in the firewall, you just need to pop the plug out and drill the bolt holes...the pedal linkage bolt holes are there too I think. IDK the length of the E40D but I know if you ever convert a 6.9L IDI from a 4 speed to a ZF5, you have to move the crossmember back, which is definately simple enough. Sorry, couldnt be of much help.