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The Kore Bilstein 5100 are said to have differant valving (Kore specific), acording to the Kore site. Rear shocks are Bilstein 6647. These are both used in their "Recon" and leveling kits.

Copied this from the Kore site.

KORE Race Shop - Dodge Shocks

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Dodge Shocks

For the KORE HD Leveling Kit and Recon Series suspension systems KORE uses the legendary Bilstein 5100 Series shock absorber. This shock uses special valving that differs from the valving in all other KORE suspension systems. For most off road and many street applications linear valving works best. "Linear" means that the amount of force generated by the shock is relative to the speed of the shock shaft - the faster the shaft moves, the more resistance the shock generates. This is the best method to control repetitive bumps like washboard and hard hits called "gotchas."

Like the linear valving of KORE remote reservoir shocks, the digressive valving of the 5100 Series Bilstein shocks maximizes control and limits body roll. But when bumps are encountered and shaft speed increases the force that the shock generates actually decreases. This gives a very smooth, yet controlled ride over pavement. The valving in the production "6647" Bilstein shock used in the rear of the Recon Series and sold world wide was developed by KORE in 2003 and adopted by Bilstein in 2004.

In order to provide the softest ride possible while still retaining good towing and hauling characteristics, this shock employs a special one-way check valve on the compression side and maximum damping on the rebound side. When small bumps are encountered the shock literally provides little to no resistance on the upstroke, simply allowing the spring to do the work. Then when the spring rebounds to the neutral position, the shock maximizes control, so the rear can't "bounce back." It's the best solution for everyday pavement driving and slower speed off road use. Plus all Bilstein 5100 Series shocks are guaranteed for life.

Bilstein 6647 Rear Shocks, Pair

Price: $180.00

KORE developed the valving in these shock absorbers to maximize control and minimize harshness. It is the best shock absorber for the street an light trail use. The perfect OE replacement rear shock for 1994-2012 Dodge Ram 2500-3500 4x4 pickups.

For orders outside of Canada and the U.S., please contact KORE directly.
2009 KORE INC.
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