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drops frame/truck 4-5"
The GN pin height is maxed out about 38" vertically.. your avg 22.5 is 40-43" tall, trucks frame is 41".. lower the bags too much throws ujoints out and messes up ride quality

225 and 245/70/19.5 are extremely common with class 4/5/6 trucks. Ford 450/550, dodge 4500/5500 and the like chassis trucks, 50/50 on class 6 trucks 650/6500

While they make 245-255/70/22.5 which is mainly used on single/double drop trailer and like.. I have limited dedicated steer/drive tire options compared to 225/70/19.5 and 245/19.5

Another aspect is weight capacity of tire compared to what I'm running.. I have similar issue with the 19.5 and my LMM.. even at the lowest weight rating of 3600(dual)lbs I have 21000lbs of tires on a truck that rarely weighs more than. 13,000lbs, rear end skips like a Mg in bobtail fashion, any slick conditions increases chances of get squirrelly while empty

Same principle applies with 22.5, 6 tires at 5-6000lbs a piece, 30-36k, on a truck that won't weight more than 23k.
You can only let soon much air out to soften ride quality before you risks over heating the tire due to under inflation
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