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Originally Posted by blackmega3500 View Post
Well..... how bout those 5th gens....

2019 Ram 1500s look awfully Chevy like, and likely the HD series will soon follow, just hopefully without the sharknosr/ overbite front hood/ grill.
We're talking about 2010-2010 specifically, but I agree with you. Usually the HD stuff trails a year behind for body updates.
My favorite body style is the 2nd gen sport, followed by the 4th gen HD. I don't really care for anything else. (Although I do have a soft spot for std cab, flat bed 1st gens)

Originally Posted by red dodge2 View Post
Yours a 2010? Had any problems with transmission or engine problems?
No sir! I've got an AFE deep trans pan, PDD Power Torque fluid, and an H&S with a mild tune with overdrive (w/ intake/exhaust/deletes). It's a great daily driver/tow truck/family hauler and gets 20mpg pretty reliably with my commute to work and back.

I really don't think the 68rfe is as scary as everyone makes it out to be. Keep big torque out of 5th and 6th gear (worst part), and keep the fluid clean. Most issues surround the solenoid pack which is easy to swap, costs $250, and you normally get codes/sporadic behavior before it dies. On top of that, I still haven't had to replace mine.
I also just drive it, and don't abuse it. I'm sure it wouldn't like being treated like my 12V.
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