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Originally Posted by Cflanery88 View Post
Iím not entirely sure. The printers actually use lasers to melt the metal alloy in powdered form while itís printing. Unfortunately a lot of this is in the research and development stage. I do know all the nascar blocks get sent to our thermotech operation which they put them in large heat treat pressure vessels and expose them to heat and pressures for some alloys up to 26,000psi for long periods of time to change the molecular grain structure of the alloy to make it stronger. We also offer high heat resistant coating for jet turbine blades that I could see doing exceptionally well on the tops of pistons. I should of looked into it more prior to building my motor but I think in order for them to something they want a contract and multiple orders due to the metallurgy and engineering involved in the process.
This was my understanding, that laser sintered parts have to undergo post treat to be usable.

There are companies that lease the equipment. They were involved in scandals with firearms parts.

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