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Sorry for the absence. Nothing new to report on the crazy ideas. As much as I want to take the time to pursue them, I've managed to get myself back to reality. That old adage "A fool and his money are soon to part" describes my situation to a T. I have begun rebuilding the nest egg I have pilfered away in the last several months.

I have no one to blame but myself as I am the one who chose to throttle the 'Crazy Train' I created.

I am no longer perusing the Ultimate Callout Challenge and probably never will. I apologize to those who were sorta rooting for me. Had I kept my sense about me, I would have never entered to begin with.

Stalnaker Racing Services no longer exist nor does the cell phone, E-mail account, and credit card machine associated with that business.

I will be selling all the high priced items I've purchased at reduced cost in an effort to simply pay my federal taxes coming due in May. Please look back through my 'for sale' post. If you see something you like, shoot me a PM with an offer. You just might get a 'smok'n' deal.

My only interest right now are to finish the responsibilities I have promised and get back to generating income for my family. I thank God above they are still here with me. I would have given up on someone like me a long time ago.

I have absolutely no interest in racing of any kind now or in the foreseeable future.

Again, my apologies go out to ones I affected with my ridiculous craziness.

" 'Careful who you argue with on the internet. Others might not know they are idiots.' "
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