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Will it hold?

I bought a Stg. 2 47re from Jeff about 2 years ago and parked the truck almost a year ago to build the motor. So now let the brain picking begin, I was wondering if a 650-750hp motor is to much for the transmisssion? Being as its rated up to 650, I dont want it to be to much for it. I will change the fluid because its been sitting for a year. (the link is in my sig for mods, plans, and whatnot)

On a side note, I was also wondering how to adjust/bump up gov. pressure. I know there is a screw in there, and with me not knowing a heluva lot on transmissions, I dont want to tear into it without being 100% sure. I was told by Jeff a while back to turn it up just a shade because I would have to literally come to a complete stop for it to shift down to first and wanted the shifts to be a little firmer.

Thanks guys.
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