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6.7 68RFE swap to 48RE

Guys I need help. I am getting to the point that I need to go in one of two directions. Over a year ago I put the Sun Coast 68 in my truck with a Goerend triple disc. At the time the tranny was more then enough but today I am roughly at 700hp with this truck. So the current tranny is not going to hold. I have two options. One is to go back to Sun Coast and get this tranny updated to the newest one for $4900 with a Billet Flex Plate. Second would be to do a 48RE swap in this truck using a Goerend. The Goerend would cost $5400 with the Sun Coast stand alone VB and Flex Plate. Add another $500-$600 for the PCS controller.

What would yall do? The new 68 seems pretty tough but there are very few High HP trucks running them.

The 48 swap is very appealing to me but what will I be running into as this is my Daily Driver. It needs to be reliable.

What is needed to do the 48 swap? I know the drive shafts are the same from a 2006 Mega cab to a 2007.5 Mega cab. But what else? Will the adapter plate on the 6.7 engine work? How will the linkage line up? Oil cooler lines? Does anybody on here have any first hand knowledge of doing this swap. Any info would be awesome.
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