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The Co-Pilot adjust line pressure based on engine load (throttle, boost, Speed, Ect) and enables a much higher torque capacity. This is the main thing that REALLY makes the 68RFE hold, because stock the TCM only allows for about 150psi line pressure, where the Co-Pilot and modified valvebody ramp the pressure up to around 300-310psi.

Along with line pressure, the co-pilot also fixes the weak low roller clutch issue. The tiny little low roller clutch cant hold much power no matter what you do, so the co-pilot brings on another clutch to take some of the load off and split the power between the two packs.

There are also different modes such as Performance/Race and Tow/Daily Drive mode

An ATS 68RFE and Co-Pilot has been FLAWLESSLY holding over 700hp and over 1400ft/lbs

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