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Oil Cooler Failure?

My buddy's truck started knocking really bad on the way home from a sled trip, luckily we were only ~50miles from home. Tons of white, unburnt fuel coming out of the exhaust.
We checked fluid and it looked normal (level, color, not milky), started it back up at idle and it sounded and felt awful. It was dumping fuel out the exhaust still.

2013, 130,000 miles, deleted, tuned, otherwise stock. Meticulously maintained.

He bought the extended warranty so he had it towed to the dealership. I thought it felt like an injector tip let go or maybe the needle got stuck in the full open position?
The dealership said it's an oil cooler, but I've never heard of one going, and I feel like we would have seen the oil all milky. That would also mean the knock would have been from a rob bearing which would need that oil milky for a little while. They said it needs a while rebuild and quoted it at $30k if FCA doesn't warranty it (because of it being deleted)...

Anyways, looking for thoughts on it. Is the oil cooler a common failure for 6.7's? Are the injector tips? or maybe a cracked piston?

And we might be looking for a used 6.7L longblock if anyone has one lying around.
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