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Originally Posted by kleann View Post
I think so too. Are you set on building a press or still deciding? To be honest I think it's a huge project that might take more time to engineer (possibly more to refine) than it's worth to get your deal started. Also depends on your tolerances. I can tell you this - our 100 ton amada up acting is older, has less issues, and is operator preferred over our newer 175 ton fully cnc down acting accurpress.
The picture is basically done beside adding the guides. I think i am going to give it a shot. Its only 2 ft wide and over built. So it shouldn't have any crowing issues and with a single cylinder since its not wide which will eliminate having to balance two cylinders. I plan to use limit switches with adjustable stops for up and down movement. Once its set it will be set for 20,000 piece run. If i need help with the electrical side i know a handful of electricians from my full time job that would help. I wont have a whole lot in the press brake even compared to a decent shape used machine. But if it doesn't work i will just buy one.
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