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Title: Not enough time
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Well shoot what it is an acceptable turbo for a little no2 ? It would be for the annual diesel drag weekend and bragging rights if I could dip into the 11s

I have a solenoid with a .091" orifice and an assortment of smaller jets. It would be for the one visit I may get to make to the drag strip next year.

What you were saying about not driving the turbine hard enough- I removed the fuel plate and left the afc settings alone. I managed to get a full wot run without any barking or bucking. I was hoping to fuel it harder and possibly overcome the overdrive / lock up rpm drop. Anything less than the pedal buried into the floor mat will result in bark/surging when the last of the shifting happens. More fuel up top seemed to have helped.
95 rclb, K31 71/76/.9, 180 pump, 5x.018s, 7mm dv , stock stall triple, nawz

2006 mega cab Stock grocery getter with a straight pipe and exergy sportsman injectors.
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