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Stock HX35 for sale.

I need to sell my stock charger. It has 85K miles on it and worked perfect the day I pulled it to put on this PS62. It was on my truck for one week after I put on my Edge box before I put on my new turbo. Max boost with the Edge elbow was 32, so you can be assured it hasn't been abused. Shaft play is good as far as I can tell by spinning and wiggling it. No rubbing. I'd post a picture, but you know what they look like. I'd like $200 and you cover shipping, or make me an offer. If you are close, I'll try to meet you somewhere and save the shipping. Thanks for shoping. JWB
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Originally Posted by Snedge
There are people far less intelligent than you making a living doing this stuff.

SCREW YOU PHOTOBUCKET...and your no 3rd party image hosting arses.
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