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Originally Posted by cumins01 View Post
Don't forget about my short block and 24v engine mounts Mark. Best is to text me when you are heading out and come close to Indiana like we talked about and meeting up on I-70 in Richmond. I maybe at work if it's thru the week so I may have to send my dad to get it. Keep me informed. Sounds like your luck is not going very good.
If luck was dollar bills right now, I'd be in debt, for sure.
It would certainly be nicer if people would call or PM with their concerns, but whatever.
Sanger, you've been refunded, sorry for the wait.

If you or I did business like the PEOPLE in government do business, we'd be put in jail. Government is coercive.
Anarchy: The state of existence where there are no masters & no slaves. Therefore, Anarchy means the ABSENCE OF SLAVERY, or, in other words, FREEDOM.
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