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Originally Posted by StarLite Diesel View Post
What's that?? just kidding. Actually, i have only 'guided' a couple people through changes with it - and that has been pretty recently. I was first exposed to it during a class in Indiana last month.... it's been an experience for sure, but was able to get the guys from Canada steered down the right path they'd been trying for for months all in a couple of hours time and a few drinks of the Gibson's whiskey they brought me to bribe me to help them....

I at this point have not personally 'done' any UDC tunes form the ground up - just walked a couple people through their modifications and what i thoguht they should change, and it's seemed to work great for them.
Zach is the man. Using UDC is like using an old Commadore Vic 20 with 5-1/4" floppy discs.

Using EFI Live is like using the world's best super computer.

No comparison. If we didn't have to use UDC for tuning, we wouldn't.

Zach is the man when it comes to tuning. There's more Gibsons in your future Zach.
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