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First 1/4mile pass with new build

I really want to know if my mods, dyno numbers and 1/4mile time adds up.
1998 12v QBLB 47re
460cc 180hp pump 4k gsk, timing 20 degrees
362/68/.7 over 475/92/1.10
Stage 4 colt cam, ported head, manifold
Mishimoto intercooler
Balanced bottom end bored .020 over

I Dyno’d 530hp at 3900rpm and 75psi boost. Torque unknown. First time on a dyno and feel like I effed it up. I think TC was locking and unlocking. Didn’t have lockup switch.

My 1/4 mile RT .543
60’ 1.87 leaving at 20psi
330 5.59
1/8th 8.58
Mph 83.33
1000’ 11.11

1/4 13.25
Mph 105.07

Fuel Pressure stayed around 35 at WOT
Tires are 305/55/20 falken wildpeak at3w. Each rim/tire weighs 103lbs!!!!
Doing highway pulls I hit 70-75psi no problem. But the highest boost I got going down the track was 55psi. I could feel at the end of the run that it wasn’t pulling as hard as it can like it does on the highway. Is that because I was in 4x4?

My torque converter is super tight. I had to raise my idle to 1000 just so it won’t stall. I can idle at 50km/h forever. The lockup shift on normal acceleration like 2000rpm drops about 400rpm. Don’t know if thats holding me back?

My lockup switch puts it straight into OD so it lugs horribly if i hit it below 70km/h So I wasn’t locked for the first half of the track....

How’s it all sound and what’s gonna get me into the 12’s
Thanks guys
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