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If you're looking for maximum HP per $$$, our Budget Builder 5x018 VCO is hard to beat. They are on sale this month as well. With compound turbos, 5x018 are easy to drive clean on the street. Optional edge filter removal and needle work also add substantial power when the turbo setup produces enough air to clean up. If it's already smoking heavy up top, needle work creates more smoke but not necessarily more power.

Originally Posted by KidCarson22 View Post
Thanks for the input! Iíll raise timing and What size injector would be good to jump up too, 5x16? 5x18? 5x20?

Should I look into an anteater or something similar? Because Only lockup I could do is start with it in Drive and in OD/OFF. Then I would hit the lock up switch and hit the OD/OFF again around 1/8th so it lock shifts into OD..
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