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Originally Posted by Kryp2nitE View Post
Do yourself a favor and donít buy a reman from a parts house if you replace the starter. They tend to be junk and will have the same issue. There are threads on upgrading the contacts to one with a larger contact patch. Best thing I ever did was drop it off at a place to be rebuilt and cleaned up inside. It was so bad inside the guy said he had to let the dust settle for a couple hours before going back in the workshop. If I. Remember correctly the life expectancy was about 100k with stock parts. Went from cranking very slow and needing throttle to start to cranking over easily.

Larryb - Dodge Cummins starter rebuild kits

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I've been hearing this for years and when my starter finally went at about 230k, it was too corroded to rebuild. I bought a cheap autoparts store one (Napa I think) and it's been very reliable for 70k. I don't think they're as bad as people have been saying.
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