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New truck project

I got a new truck this weekend for 2800. It's a 94 4x4 auto truck. I bought it with "high blowby" and a bad turbo. Trans isn't shifting perfect but is moving around the lot. I need to tear in to it and see what can be done.

I will be using this as a build thread about getting a budget truck back together. Proper way to inframe an engine from honing the cylinders to rolling rods and mains. Ect

I will also show the proper way to swap pumps ect. I have a spare 215 under the work bench that I will be swapping in place of the 160 as I already have the 160 sold. Will only have 2200 in this rust free truck.

Here is me pulling it home ImageUploadedByTapatalk1418654432.933373.jpg
It sat in a field for 2 years. The interior needs gutted and cleaned as it smells like nasty barn.
After I spent and hour steaming it of, the paint came out great very little damage
tow truck- 97 qclb 5speed. sbdd 3600, 62mm fmw-14.67
toy truck -94 rclb auto- in pieces

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