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trying to hold 2nd gear (48re)

This is a early 04 truck with the mechanical throttle cable...

I got the transmission back into the truck, with the new parts and DPC triple disc, its an amazing difference. But I am having a tuning issue that I don't know how to tackle. During moderate to heavy throttle (and/or stock programming) the tranny works great, runs through all gears just like it should... but during normal city driving (very light throttle) it's almost completely skipping second gear and going into 3rd... I take off, in first and it runs out like it should maybe 30ft then hits 2nd only rolls about 4ft and then into 3rd. Just like pulling up to a intersection and making a right turn, take off in 1st, but before I have completed the turn I have jumped from 1st, into 2nd, and immediately into 3rd when exiting the intersection. Or another case sitting at a stop light in traffic behind cars, the light turns green cars start rolling, I start to go (but the cars aren't taking off as fast) so I have to lift the throttle, the truck will go from 1st, into 2nd for a split second, and then into 3rd, then traffic starts going so I apply "light" throttle and the truck just holds in 3rd and builds speed.

I have adjusted the kick down cable to shift later, but I'm not sure this is the answer because 3-4 shifts are just fine if not drawn out a little more then I would like. I think I have a lot of things working against me... one of the biggest seems to be that the "smarty tune" in the truck allows such little throttle travel that tranny is almost skipping 2nd because it is not recognizing any load...

So is there a way to draw out 2nd gear in light throttle applications without effecting the timing on the rest of the gears?

The tranny has a transgo shift kit in it built to the instructions, except for the pressure screw turned in 2 turns for a little more pressure, a 4.3 apply lever, sonax piston, etc...

Any advise would be greatly appreciated...
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