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For those who look @ things from one side like the hot side or turbine site and so on. A chance in set-up can chance things a lot. Fitting a larger wheel to the same turbine can slow things down creating more drive pressure in some cases and this also goes the other way by speeding things up. A well testes example for us is the S476SX3 1.25A/R TH and the S472SX-E 1.10A/R TH. You may think the S476SX3 dos better on drive pressure but itís not and wastegate opening tells the story as well as the S472SX-E not only spools faster it dos run less wastegate opening and lower drive pressure but runs also 11.000Rpm more on the same boost pressure moving about the same air mass in the process. Look @ it like a rotating door, if it turns slow things will move slow as well not able to handle a big crowd.
In the last years @ BW and Garrett compressorwheel are getting smaller moving even more air mass speeding things up able to benefit on the turbine site as well on the data log we getting in.
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