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Originally Posted by Leiffi View Post
It is much easier to get whatever turbinewheel you want from Holset than from those other 2. Compressors are not a problem anyway today, just order what you want from far east.
Well good for you than. I like box turbo. Easy to get original parts used and happy customers and regarding BW they can handle most insane applications. Itís like water always flows to the lowest part, itís that simple. I do understand reinventing the wheel works for some but for us itís hard to work with no data on things and Iím not interested in a market of trail and error any more. Sorry. Same goes for companies that rebrand stuff. Two year ago went to PRI hoping to find a load of new contacts. Start sending them mail for additional information and most did not reply and for what remain liability and warranty did kill what was left of it so what was left are the big boys in production able to tell whatís in the box.

But Iím open for suggestions. Name me one turbocharger that can handle massive overspeeding run 350C discharge temp compressor 80% of a duration of 14 hours on end.
A turbo thatís not very sensitive to unbalancing and large thermal load variations handling water and dust well for a duration of about 112 running hours. Dos this need to be a special or can we bay this as a box turbo?

Conversation is good and we got one going on my topic exchanging ideas. Really Great. But I also want to point out that all maybe dos not make improvements, complicating things or overlooking parts of the problem needing to invest both money and time to come to a correct solution on things. Critical in this is comparing data before and after not making and assumption but using data to get the facts. OK for most here it will be hard as unable to run load of project in a fast pace getting load of data that need processing as well. Engineering for us is 80% getting data and information on things 20% verification and test time. As for turbines I can not comment with numbers as these for the most are OE related. I do have my limits and yes some bigger Holset wheel do have good numbers but regarding what used on HX60 Iím not impressed on what we regard as low and medium flow wheels but thatís also what there marked needs. Commercial use not play toys for big boys. To top the ice cream hot @ this moment seems to be the lager frame core Mitsubishi turbochargers.
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