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Originally Posted by DISTURBED View Post
That's why I asked. When your hooked to something applying down force to the rear of the truck vs just a boosted launch and only the weight of the truck is way different. Didn't know if a stock chassis could plant 800 HP or would it just roast the tires. And I've never really seen any threads getting in depth about dirt drags.
Like this:

guernsey 2 - YouTube

Once Craig installs his new power plant this thing will be doubly hard to hook. I've been thinking of actually going with a computer that senses rotational acceleration and plumb in a small waste gate to dump the unused boost. Something not near as involved as a factory anti spin. Rumor had it a few fellas were running ignition retard boxes on gassers in the NMRO giving just about the same effect.

I have this really dumb idea on a throw out bearing. I like this route but the dang clutch price and maintenance is going to go up.

We will also have a complete different set of tires when we show up at one of these next.

Also, the second one we attended, we made two practice passes and then literally waited all evening until 10:00P.M. when we had to leave and they still hadn't ran mod-diesel. I'm not trying to be conceited or brago-do-shish, but, when a truck like this rolls into your dirt drag, you might want to let the crowd see it run more than twice.
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