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You can take the overflow valve apart to verify it's damaged. You could even pull the spring apart a bit to try and revive a lazy spring.

The fuel heater typically leaks, I don't think it blocks fuel or anything like that. It could be sucking air and losing prime here. It's very easy to remove for a check. I haven't had mine on in years and I can still start my truck at -25F at 21deg timing.

The lift pump (fuel transfer pump) could be on it's way out. My first one lasted around 230,000 miles before it wouldn't supply pressure consistently. You could go to a Harbor Freight and buy a fuel pressure gauge for around $20 and there's a 10mm port off your fuel filter it'll plug into.

You should also check your fuel filter.

Usually when the ppump is on it's way out, it does act goofy when warm. Typically it's just a loss of power, and or little to no idle.
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