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My post from CF when asked about this truck.

Well, the answer is kinda yes and no. School this year has been all he's done. Soon he'll be onto a new venture / career and doesn't think he'll have time to mess with the truck.

In light of this, the truck is FOR SALE!!!! I'll be fielding calls / communications for this if anyone is interested. He literally doesn't have the time to mess with selling it himself, but of course he'll be involved for a SERIOUS Buyer.

The truck needs a head gasket and soon it will need a cam seal. It'll need tires too. If you've been involved with this thread, then most all of your questions about the truck can be answered here.

Listed at $29,500!!!! Anyone that understands this thread and what all's been done to this truck will understand what a freakin STEAL that is!!

PM me your number if you want to ask serious questions or arrange for purchase.



Just to clarify, the truck starts, runs, and drives now. At about 74 psi is when the HG shows itself. The suggestion is to pull the motor and do a basic refresh (Seals, Gaskets, bearings, etc.), put on some new tires and LET IT EAT! This motor has about 4 years on it.

Rich just truly doesn't want it to sit. He'd rather sell it and see someone else beat the crap out of it and have fun, than to watch it sit there.


Why he's selling???

He has offers from Tesla and GE Aviation! He got an offer 30 mins after he submitted his resume.
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