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Originally Posted by ktllc15 View Post
Mine sits even with the centerline of the steering wheel which is right about where I like it...

I have spike lug covers and wish I had a lift bumper so you got me for oh let's say 4-1/2. Pull refer and deliver to some of the places I go in LA and San Fran and you might want one too. Sometimes being able to lift it up to clear a curb would be nice. I drove around east la a few weeks back for 30 minutes trying to find a street i could make the turn onto to get me to the acct. I was delivering too. But I'm speaking only about the ones that lift straight up not the flip up kind.

You got your CB mic swinging off a pull cord too? Iím just checking the boxes on this questionnaire. Rig Wrench scored a perfect good buddy 100% and won a free group shower at the Loves.
Originally Posted by StainlessRRA View Post
Flipping your mirrors up when you don't tow? That serves no purpose other than to let me know that you are a douche, from a distance.
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