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Originally Posted by Big Blue24 View Post
The overdrive solenoid wire is the forward wire on the same flat three wire harness that contains the orange/w tracer lock-up wire. The center wire is the 5v power source, the rear wire is tq lock-up and forward wire is OD.

And yes, you just ground the wire when you want to command overdrive just like a lock-up switch.

Your beater truck looks nice, almost too nice to beat on....... almost!

I'm really hoping to see a 12 second pass with my beater next week at the track.

What's your next goal and what's the "budget" build plan to achieve it?
when i get home from work im going to add another 2 bucks to the list and wire in another switch to control lockup.

It actually looks alot nicer in the pictures. I took the pics right after i waxed it too haha. tons of scratches and dents. A tad less of a beater than yours but a beater none the less.

With your looser converter and being able to spool that huge turbo i think 12's are very possible. What lift pump are you using to supply the P7100?

I want to throw a s475 under the HE351 with some 5x0.018's and hopefully run a high 11 with it. and do all that for under $5,000. I really need to tear into the tranny and beef it up but was rebuild about 30k ago by the first owner(im the third). i have all the paper work for the work done to it since it left the showroom... even the original window sticker! Truck was originaly from the east side of the country and was used as a work truck. I have paper work that includes a new head, head gasket, and a bunch of other random things done to it because they cracked the head. Also have paper work for a rebuild trans with what are part numbers i believe including a complete rebuild and new converter. Didnt find all this until after i purchased the truck. My lucky day i guess!

Anyway my final goal for the truck is going to be a street legal race truck that runs 10's. It will still be a "Budget Beater" but with a higher budget!
Budget Beater: 9.36 @ 148 MPH

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