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Return to stock sell

Returned my truck to stock so I have some goodies for sale.

Stainless Diesel 2nd Gen Swap Kit with ATS T-4 Manifold. Includes everything to bolt up. 1" spacer plate with studs, HX40 downpipe, 4" Flexpipe with 4-5 increaser, elbow with Filter, oil feed and drain tubes, intercooler pipe with v-band elbow. $1200 OBO.

Smedding S475 .90 T-4 HX40 housing.(Roughly 5000 miles on it) $1000 OBO

Industrial Injection 180HP Tips. $400 Shipped

Holley Black 150 Lift Pump with Filter kit minus Filter. $275 Shipped

Anarchy Diesel Autocal (Needs New License) $500 OBO
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