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Originally Posted by bsmith View Post
I'm pretty sure its m14x1.5
Originally Posted by biggy238 View Post
yeah, that one. It doesn't show as a sticky on Tapatalk. Damnedest thing though, when I scrolled up, it was there, and in engerish.
If this is what you were referring to, I believe he is looking for the size of the small banjo in the return line coming from the injectors that originally threads into the top of one of the other banjo bolts in the factory fuel filter housing. Its definitely not M14x1.5 Should be much smaller. the head of the bolt is a 10mm or 11mm maybe so its smaller than that. probably around 6 or 8mm if I had to guess, but I don't like guessing. I'm going to need that size as well if anyone knows what it is.
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