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OKAY!!! So i realized tha i was playing around with the anti surge ring this weekend and decided to seat it all the way and close up the MWE groove..... i didn’t notice any ill affects, only change really was the turbo whistle/whoosh quited down a little. But i never did a full WOT pull. I backed it out about .125 and now no more issues.
49 Willys Pickup. 5600lb. 94 12 valve. 47RH, low stall single disc converter. 3.54 posi rear. 35" tires. 64mm HE351ve, S475 (75/96/1.32), A/W Intercooler. AFC mods. 5x16s. 191 DVs, 180 pump. 23*. down to 60psi. Build Thread
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