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Originally Posted by ramthiscummins View Post
How long do you think this modified HE351 would last at 900 hp?
Have you tested it for long?
The turbo/bearing never failed, but I did eventually crack the turbine housing so bad that it developed a couple external leaks. It was a well used slightly cracked housing to start with, I ported the wastegate passage to open up flow and it finally cracked so bad, it's almost unusable. I'd say I got 200+ quarter mile passes out of it and 100+ dyno runs in the 750 to 900 HP range.

One thing that really helped the HE351cw survive is I ran a fairly loose wastegate setup letting it fully open around 35 psi total boost pressure since this is where it ran the fastest quarter mile passes at the track. On the dyno we were seeing a 75 HP power dip mid power band where the wastegate would open a little too early and neuter power for a bit till the RPM came up and the atmosphere charger came up to full speed. A couple of turns on the turbo tuner and we had a smooth power curve with no dip in the middle of the power band.
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