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I have been through a lot on my old 2nd gen trying to make the brakes work better but honestly they still suck. I have had 2 rear end collisions on the highway where I put my whole weight on that brake pedal and it still isnt enough to get the truck to stop in a reasonable distance. Dont think I have ever locked up the front wheels. Is it even possible on these trucks? How did this setup pass DOT back in 1994? Maybe it was under-designed since it was prior to ABS?
you can put the ford dana 60 outer knuckles and manual hubs on which gives you slightly larger rotors. I cant recall if the calipers are twin piston or not.
If you have a later model truck you can swap to 3rd gen outer knuckles but I forget the cutoff year where you can do that. I cant do it on mine.
Other than that, if you have a second gen all you can do is put on hydro and slotted rotors and better pads.
If you did an axle swap yes you get the option of using larger rotors but then you may have the opposite problem if you go too far with no ABS setup.

at the end of the day, probably better to stuff that cummins into a superduty.
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