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Originally Posted by Bersaglieri View Post
What would you estimate the cost of this coil front end conversion, upgraded rear setup? I feel like it might be better to convert a newer F250/F350 for the amount of work involved.

I guess that's possible, but if it's $5 and a common issue that could leave me stranded, I would spend $10 and put 2 in the tool box.

Not to sound like the illegitimate love child of Macgyver and Chuch Norris, but I've had axles come out from under a loaded gooseneck during a 2000 mile trip. I was 500 miles from home, in early February, and cobbled it together at a rest stop and made it home. Hell, during the trip to buy this Excursion I lost the brakes in the Dodge trying to stop in the hills of eastern Kentucky. I shrugged my shoulders, puckered my asshole, and drove the last 2 hours without 'em. I generally expect problems on trips, if somethng happens I try to improvise, adapt, and overcome. That being said, I'm not into challenges enough to buy a 6.0l one.

I have been there, done that. I have had tires come off of trailers, hitches break off of trailers, wagon came unhitched. Of course that was 20 years ago Now I just want to drive and get to where I am.
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