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Originally Posted by BRE View Post
Is this company still under the same shotty management as last go round?

Originally Posted by RD TRCTR View Post
Thanks for the heads up!

Does everything run true to size?

Originally Posted by MAXX IT OUT View Post
X2 Last I bought a diesel sweat shirt, I bought a XL and it their XL was like a 3XL.
I thought so but I like my stuff to fit a little loose because I'm fat. I wear a 2x and I thought it fit fine. Sorry about that MAXX IT OUT. You should have let us know.

Originally Posted by SHughes View Post
I couldn't afford one last I'll have a gap in my collection
The ones from last year are up there Scott. No gap for you.

Originally Posted by AsTroSS View Post
Is the hoodie with zip or not?
Let me do some checking and I will get back to you later today.
R.I.P. Dex Brown
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