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Originally Posted by UNBROKEN View Post
Red KYB Monomax
Firm shock...valved almost identical to the 5100 Bil's for 1/2 the price and lasts 3 times as long. Only shocks I'll run on a large truck.
Originally Posted by copenglenn View Post
Got a good source for these?

Just a little FYI....
I did a quick search after coming across this thread. Cheapest I've ever found the Bilstein 5100's is $75 a piece. Geno's Garage I think?

Looked up KYB Monomax on and they are $55 $56 a piece + shipping.

For chit's and giggles I looked them up on O'Rielly auto parts website...$75 a piece.

I think I'll give them a try once I have the spare tow pig has been in BAD need of shocks for a while. Thanks for the info Rich!
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