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Originally Posted by autoferret View Post
Then he should spend the $$$$ and get a water jet and he can cut any product he would ever want too
Originally Posted by biggy238 View Post
Little to add, but as a customer, I found the water jet process to be extremely cost prohibitive. The parts I wanted made had a near equivalent available for $30, the jetting alone was going to cost $260.

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Difficult to justify from a production and cost sense when.......

"Laser: 15,000 in / 70 ipm = 214.29 minutes of active cutting. 214.29 min = 3.57 hours. $13/hr * 3.57 hr = $46.41 for 15,000 inches of cutting.

Waterjet: 15,000 in / 15 ipm = 1,000 minutes of active cutting. 1,000 min = 16.67 hours. $15/hr * 16.67 hr = $250.05 for 15,000 inches of cutting.

Without considering any other factors, waterjet cutting is more than five times the cost of laser cutting per inch per hour."

Overall good comparison here: The Cost of Waterjet Vs. Laser Cutting Services | Sheet Metal Fabrication
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