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New injectors for 12v and 24v

We have picked up a new line of injectors to add to the collection!!

Introducing LBDP Dragon Slayers!
These top of the line injectors are made 100% in house at Low Budget Diesel Performance Nick and Ryan have been trained by the famous weston AKA smokem the injector guru!

Nick, Ryan, and the team here at BBD Performance want to help you be able to say...

"You have been smoked by the best"

Introductory Special for the first 5 sets sold take $25.00 off and shipped for FREE

There is NO wait for these awesome injectors!

Prices are as follows.....

12 Valve 1989-1998

5 Hole Design
Dragon Slayer 5x0.010 450.00 Dragon Slayer 5x0.012 450.00 Dragon Slayer 5x0.014 500.00 Dragon Slayer 5x0.016 600.00 Dragon Slayer 5x0.018 750.00 Dragon Slayer 5x0.020 850.00 7 Hole Design(Coming Soon)
Dragon Slayer 7x0.007 450.00 Brand New Bodies With
Stock Nozzles 250.00

24V 1998.5-2002 VP44

7 Hole Design
Dragon Slayer 100HP 450.00 Dragon Slayer 125HP 450.00 Dragon Slayer 150HP 500.00 Dragon Slayer 175HP 550.00 Dragon Slayer 200HP 600.00 Dragon Slayer 220HP 650.00 Dragon Slayer 240HP 700.00

6 Hole Design
Dragon Slayer 6x0.016 900.00 Dragon Slayer 6x0.018 950.00 Dragon Slayer 6x0.020 1000.00 Dragon Slayer 6x0.022 1050.00 Dragon Slayer 6x0.024 1100.00
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