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Losing prime over night... Injector issue?

First and foremost my fuel system is entirely not stock.

I have a drawstraw, 1/2 feed lines and 3/8 return... Fuel lab brushless pump and two fleetgaurd filter heads with an FS1212 and a FF5320, p-pump is dual fed.. And pressure is set with a by-pass fuel regulator. System holds a steady 40 pounds...

After truck has sat for longer then an hour its a bish to start and seems to run on 5 cylinders for awhile till it catchs prime and runs good till it sits again. No loss of power or more smoke.. Nothing.

I just replaced all my feed fuel hose, no leaks, freah filters.

I recently had a set of 5x.014 sac nozzles put on a set of bodies i had in the shop by a local injection business....

Is there anyway this could be an injector or delivery valve issue? Maybe sumthing in the pump letting it leak by?

There are no visible fuel leaks, everything is dry...

Starting to gt pissed off...

Might pull these injectors and stuff my stockers back in later just to make sure....

Any ideas?
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