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Originally Posted by Carbur8tr View Post
The part number you have there is for a primer that goes either on top of the filter housing or mounts to block on c7-c32 engines.

The base you have there is probably a 164-9766, 190-8970, or 217-7455 and is simply a base marketed for air removal. Not a pump unfortunately.

If you're looking for an alternative electric fuel pump you'll be hard pressed to find one that will keep up and be cost effective.

If you're curious though, take a look into 241-4016 and 383-1608. The first pump is used in a few tractors and supports up to an 11l from what I've read, fairly big though and not sure of the regulated pressure if any. The second is probably way too big but just throwing out ideas at this point.

At the end of the day I still think you would make out cheaper and better off with Fass. Just my opinion though.

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That's what I thought, and why I was trying to find more info on it. I used a prefix for a 745C.
If memory serves, that pump also drives the ARD though?

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