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I don't want to veer this off of the 1/8 thing but. the dang hobby has gotten extremely expensive to hobby in and off the charts to even try to build something to compete with. if you don't have young poor kids with big dreams interested in whatever your promoting then you just have old guys screwing around until they give up. young poor people need to be able to compete. old diesel trucks still hold a huge price tag (10k for a pile of CHIT) and new trucks cost more than most peoples houses. This is all before you attempt to play in a particular area of the hobby. dyno, strip, pulls or just enjoying a nice street truck. 10 years ago everyone wanted a diesel. now everyone opts for a gasser. not everyone can have sponsor's and not everyone can be competitive, but its important to keep the non competitive crowd interested and vested in it or you eventually have nothing.

events need max hp limits not weight and length and times and all that other garbage. if you set up classes that max hp to 400hp then the driver has to be good the truck can be built for a couple grand and they own a competitive toy.

if the rules state 5k lbs no faster than 9 seconds than the only thing that limits the class is the money people have to spend in it. which runs EVERYONE away because face it... most of us don't have the cash to be competitive in the 1500hp range

end concern is if the sport/hobby continues to become more out of financial reach for competitors and the spectators it will die.

something else... CHEAP FUN is what matters. Scheids Extravaganza use to cost $10 per truckload of people within legal limits. last I went it was $20 per person. that's a bummer for a spectator. the UCC neat as it was good money for a ticket just to get in the doors. people want stuff to do but so often than not the price to get in turns the masses away.

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