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Originally Posted by Ryan Tucker View Post
You betcha, that much weight at speed = death in my opinion possibibly even if up to spec in more cases than not. To most people it's just easy to say words, I've been there. Last September I flipped my (Avatar pic) Datsun 260Z end over end 12 to 15 times at over 150mph, 1/8 mile 5.00 index race. A drunk driver took me out just after the stripe, I was reaching for the chutes when the drunk prick darted over in my lane and knocked me off the track. I jumped his 8ft wheelie bars sending me straight up coming down right on the nose then end over end another dozen or so times. From where I left the track car finally stopped close to 300 yards out in a hay meadow.

Point is be Safe guys! Safe as possible anyways.

It's Really put a Lot of Hate in my heart for people drinking at the track. Save that stupid **** for home. It's a GD race not a party
Should be a zero tolerance policy at ALL motorsports events, even the "redneck" sledpulls.

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