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Originally Posted by UNBROKEN View Post
That was all in the 60' Greg. I was working on it when I had time and was making progress. If Dave ever decides to get the truck running again then I'll finish lining out the 4 link. I have some very educated people to talk to on set-up if I ever get the chance.

And be know damn well it went 11.1 not 11.4
The time slip I saw said 11.39 :shrug: I didn't know it was acceptable to claim once in a lifetime passes without backing them up first

And it wasn't all in the 60' It's the POS tuning combined with not knowing how to set up the truck Why do you think poor little David could never dyno above 500 hp? Because the master 7.3 tuner doesn't know how to tune it from 2000-3200 rpm
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