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Originally Posted by UNBROKEN View Post
Whatever you need to tell yourself, Greg.
Hell...500hp trucks run low 11's all day long I guess.
Not everyone lives and dies by dyno numbers like you do.
See.................this is where you and your buddy are mixed up!!

You two think I bust his stones because you think I believe it didn't have the hp because of the dyno numbers.

If either of you were smart enough, you would understand why all of Davids trucks dyno low and can't run ET's Because David doesn't, he runs around looking like a retard harping on his 128.98 all the time because thats the only thing he has to hang his hat on Well guess what, this is drag racing not the Bonneville Salt Flats! Who gives a crap what your MPH in the 1/4 mi is if it takes you an hour to get there!!
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