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Originally Posted by KidCarson22 View Post
1998 12 valve fully rebuilt engine top to bottom.
For AIR I have
362/68/.7 t3 gated sxe over 475/92/1.10. Crazy carl piping
Stainless diesel t3 manifold. PORTED head.
Colt stage 4 cam
Mishimoto intercooler

For FUEL I had farrell max my 180 pump to 460cc with 035 DV. 20* timing
No fuel plate
DDP stage 4, 5x14
Power driven diesel modified piston lift pump. 1/2Ē lines from a sump on the tank all the way to IP

At WOT with TC Locked I can only make 40psi boost. With 15 coming from primary. Drive pressure hardly ever goes past boost. I have the gate on secondary opening at 24psi. Fuel pressure idles at 30 and at WOT itís around 45. EGTS never go over 1100. It doesnít smoke at all. On the top end it runs out of fuel super fast. Iím wondering if I need bigger injectors??

Could my max fueling be limited by something somehow? I tried taking off the fuel shut down solenoid and didnít make a difference. I have AFC LIVE but it doesnít work. Iíve been on the phone with them, I watched the YouTube Q&A video on it and tried everything. Donít know why it wonít work. Gonna send it back for a new unit I think.
Where are you located
05 QCSB24v HTD 6.8L, DDP fueling PDD shifted
95 SCLB 12V UCC qualifier build
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