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Originally Posted by wideopen View Post
The "Diesel Conversions" Area are meant for the transplants not really a "Build" thread. But I can see why you say that.

If I'm understanding what you guys are wanting you want an area just for builds? So what Constitutes in your mind as a "Build"? A P Pump conversion? A 4BT swap? Putting a Detroit in a Pinto? Or maybe restoring a VP truck? Everyone's idea is different.

I agree a build section would be good. Just where do we put it?

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I agree leave the conversions to actual diesel conversions.

I say locate it to the "The Starting Line" section. Remove the "EFI Tune Library" and replace with a section titled "Member Builds". The EFI tune library can be moved to the "EFI tuning discussion area" as a sub forum or category.
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