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high egt low boost problem

i have a early 2004 commonrail running 06 electronics and a 6.7rail, lines and intake. motor is in a 2006 f250 and has a banks intercooler, 3.5" intercooler piping
Turbo: borg SXE 63/68/.70 gated
injectors: brand new S&S 100hp
Tuning: efi by Les @ silver bullet
gearing: 4.30 with stockish tires

not the everyday setup in a dodge truck but was hoping someone could help me out in trying to figure out what's going on. im struggling to get over 25psi boost, and my EGTs get to 1400 fairly easy and really fast. when im towing its even worse. I've sent data logs, I've checked for boost leaks( actually just got truck from shop having them replace an intake gasket and check for leaks also to double click me) no boost leaks. im getting ready to pick up a non gated 14cm turbine housing to see if this helps me out. im heading out on a camping trip and will be running long grades of 6% or better for miles at a time. truck has a stock exhaust manifold which I plan on changing as soon as I can, but for now I was just planning on tossing on the 14cm housing and see what happens.

its been a while since I've spoken to the tuner, its been a long time since I've sent logs also, I don't want this to turn into me bashing anyone I just wanted to give specifics of my build to anyone who might be able to help. with that said. I was told data logs look great and nothing is showing up that would throw up a red flag, rail pressure, boost, everything looks normal.

I have just been kind of babying the truck and making due, I don't really drive it a whole lot until here lately since I got the new trailer and have been doing a lot of yard work and hauling material to the house. but now that I have been driving it and working it, its kind of a pain in the a$$ to have to be so careful and not just be able to drive it. how can I get my EGTs down? are the boost numbers bad? are they lower than should be expected?

Anyone else have any input of what could be going on or maybe something I can look into. id really appreciate the help.


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