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zero smoke out the tailpipe, I went to stock, ive used the 12v tune, the lowest street tune.. I have not put truck on anything higher than the street tune since ive had it. ive checked boost with another gauge and compared to gauge in the dash, no real difference to speak of. egts are hot all the time.. I run 4.30 gears so im spinning 2500RPM at 75mph, when im just cruising truck is fine. pulling 24000-26000 pounds on flat ground im running about 1100 on pyro.i don't know if that's bad or not. if im around 1600 RPM and go to get some more speed and just roll into throttle, it gets to 1200 like right now right now. and doesn't come down until im at cruising speed and can let off.

im going to try a bigger exhaust housing and see what happens, I also have another pyro im going to swap in as well as a manual boost gauge that uses a piece of tubing plumbed into it.

on the exhaust housing topic, should I get a 14cm gated or non gated? price difference is substantial. 220 for a non gated and 450 for a gated. from AGP, they are local to me.
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