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Lightbulb 05 CR Crank no start, No Gauges, No OBDII Communication

Hey guys having a hard time figuring out an electrical issue with a truck. Swapped a trans in it cleared a map sensor code test drove the truck about 5 miles came back and shut the truck off and now it will not start. Volts,fuel,oil,coolant gauges dont move on key on. I do see the tach needle move slightly. Truck has a bullydog outlook monitor and a power pup that was returned to stock before I got the truck. But the Outlook needs to stay plugged in for it to start so the guy says.

Crank no start
No gauges move on key on power but the tach.
No tach RPM during cranking
No lift pump running on key on
All gauges sweep during key test.
Checked all fuses, relays
Have 12v at the ECM during key on
Scanner will not connect with truck, but the Outlook/Smarty will power on.

Not sure if it's something with the Outlook monitor or the ECM.

I have read in a few threads of the same thing happening but there's never any answers to the problems at the end.

Any info or thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks Brett
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